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Sheila Wolfson Studio

Sheila Wolfson feels a strong affinity toward nature, and incorporates that into all of her work. She remains true to the colors of the real world, and therefore selects settings where the color is lush. The use of these colors in her compositions is an integral part of their overall concept and design. Light and shadow are also key to the definition of her subject matter and composition, so it is inevitable that these elements combine, changing the colors as they go from light to shadow in a rich tapestry of subtlety.

Ms. Wolfson finds beauty in sights and surroundings that are overlooked by others, and captures that mix of color and shape as a pattern that is pleasing to the eye and, at the same time, is a simple story isolated in time and space. She has always scoffed at the idea that a painting should be deep with meaning and open to complicated introspection.

Sheila Wolfson has a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois at Urbana, and worked in that field for many years. She studied painting from noted artist Walter Parke, and spends as much of her free time as she can painting outdoors, both near her home and in her travels. She is a member of the Palette and Chisel Academy, Chicago.

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