Miniature gardens in decorative cigar boxes
You are about to enter an enchanted world in miniature. Within the confines of a cigar box, each Enchanted Cigarden is lovingly created in fine detail and perfect scale, and signed by artist Sheila Wolfson. A wide array of materials are combined to form the illusion of vast spaces, giving the effect that the inside of the cigar box is bigger than the outside! These permanent "places of wonder" emerge from Ms. Wolfson’s imagination, and range from stone steps up flower-filled hillsides, fountains whose bubbling water seems frozen in time, iron gates that lead to secret gardens, wishing wells covered in old and twisted flowering vines, gazebos surrounded by perfectly manicured flower beds, rustic bridges over stony brooks, castle ruins covered by years of natural growth, greenhouses with statuary and miniature pots of plants and flowers...! Whether you dream of quiet green seclusion, or lavish beds of brilliantly colored flowers, there is something to appeal to every garden enthusiast or dreamer.

At the inception of this site, 204 gardens have been created and sold, and there seems to be no end to the places Ms. Wolfson conjures up. Each Enchanted Cigarden is a vacation in the palm of your hand. The sense of depth makes owners who gaze into them feel as if they can walk around, and even get lost behind the promise of what is around the next bend, or behind the stone walls.

Please begin your journey into this ethereal world, and find that special place that nature, and Ms. Wolfson, designed with you in mind. Remember, those places in your dreams really exist... inside a cigar box!