Since I began making my Enchanted Cigardens, I have had many interesting experiences. Many of my customers find these tidbits entertaining, and I have designed this column to share them with you. Please e-mail or write to me regarding your own unusual tales about your Cigardens, and I will gladly include them in future "Cuttings". The address is at the bottom of this page.

  • Former President and Mrs. Clinton own an Enchanted Cigarden.

  • I was once introduced as "the miniature horticulturist". Since I am 5'2", the speaker realized he may have been misunderstood, and quickly apologized, saying, "I didn't mean to imply that you were miniature!"

  • The most ridiculous feedback that I have received is that someone watered her Cigarden and couldn't understand how it got ruined.

  • When two elderly ladies tried to pick out Cigardens as birthday gifts for each other, they found they were having a difficult time narrowing them down. I encouraged them to stay and enjoy them to their hearts content, and got great pleasure at their delight when I served them tea and pastries from my best silver and china.

  • An exhibit of 28 Enchanted Cigardens was held at the Chicago Botanic Garden. All Cigardens were sold before the show opened.

  • I have personally collected boxes from cigar factories and stores all over the Caribbean.

  • The largest single collection of Cigardens to date is 11.

  • I have had great fun doing speaking engagements at many garden clubs in the Chicago area, presenting the Cigardens and explaining the unusual materials I use to achieve my effects. While planning my first one, I was a bit apprehensive, and told my husband I was not sure I could speak for a whole hour. He choked on his coffee.

  • Several issues of American Girl magazine have featured my miniature work, and I recently collaborated with them on the book Tiny Treasures, which is available at bookstores everywhere.

  • The Chicago Tribune featured a story about my Cigardens on the front page of the Home Section (Dec. 10, 1995).

  • People are often amazed at some of the things I use in my Cigardens, which include coffee stirrers, soft drink bottles, those green strawberry baskets, molded sheets of white styrofoam used in packaging, the papier-mache carry-out trays from fast food restaurants, spools from curling ribbon, and the plastic things that hold up the lid on the pizza box.

  • One bitter winter day I found myself low on pebbles needed for the day's Cigardening, and went to the beach near my home. There was one other figure on the beach, and as I watched from a distance, I saw she was digging under the snow for stones and putting them in a bag, as was I. As we worked our way, we got within speaking distance and I asked her what brought her out on a day like this. She said she was an artist, and was working on a project in cigar boxes. What was even stranger was that she and I looked like we could have been sisters, which finally explained why the owner of the store where I often went for boxes kept thinking I had just been in there when I hadn't.

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