The Lygon Arms
The Horse Guard
The Blue Nuns
Fishing Together
Two Boys on Fence
Seattle Market
Boys with Turtle
The Conch Sellers
Costswolds Cows
The Scottish Monument
The Swiss Guard
Cotswolds Stream
The Gate House
Cotswolds Sheep
Cotswolds Bridge
The Lavender Field
San Francisco Port Commission: In Session
Cooling Off
Girl with Abalone Necklace
Girl at a Gate
The Respite
The Favorite Spot
The Day Off
The Sun Filled Hat
The Rookery
The House on the Bluff
Gray Day
Fishing the Lagoon
Nowhere to be Found
Up on Land
The Ripples
The Red Canoes
The Blue Lake
The Point
The Little Pier
The White Branch
Dad's Hat
Choosing the Pumpkins
Hawaiian Mist
The Swans
Lake Cuneo
Up from the Sunken Garden
The Bridge to the Island
The Waterway
Afternoon in the Garden
The Picnic
Farm Road
At the Water's Edge
Study in Porcelain and Pink
The Azaleas
Hillside Eucalyptus
Shadow Play
At the River
Porcelain and Lace
The Blue Doors
The Bridge